Providing full range of safety systems solutions, in all areas where hazardous substances such as combustible liquids & gases are worked and satisfying our customer's needs is our priority.

F&G systems up to SIL3 level with addressable devices too. EN54, EN12094, Vds UL and FM. Addressable, conventional in both single, redundant and TMR configurations

Fire Fighting systems to extinguish fire with CO2, Novec, FM200, IG100, IG55, IG01, IG541 and NAF12

Safetec design and supply systems SIL2/SIL3 to perform ESD system in offshore and onshore plants

Turbine and compressor protections with high and low pressure water suppression systems.

Tank protection system - rim seal zone - with foam and special gas like CF3I. Activation to be done using thermal detectors/cable or pneumatic line of the extinguishing system

Safetec designs and supplies metering control systems with gas chromatography and fiscal measurement with flow computers and motorized valve controls.

HIPPS systems up to SIL4. Safetec HIPPS are based on SFT9000 up to TMR configuration and clamp to clamp time <60msec. PST support and installation in safe/hazardous area.

Special systems to protect VENT using CO2 or other extinghuishing agents. Activation in manual or electric mode (flame det. or thermocouple on VENT)

Safetec design and supply fusible plug with redundant lines and backup pressure cylinder for turrets offshore or onshore application

PAGA systems for alerting and entertaiment system for onshore and offshore applications. Public address in single and redundant configuration

Engineering/Design and supply of fire fighting, autoclave, jockeys and monitors for water sprinkler systems.

Acoustic gas leak detection system based on ultrasonic or sonic sensors to detect small gas leakages into the plant or across pipelines or storage plant.

TVCC systems for rapid detection of fire. Integration available into DCS, SCADA or F&G systems


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