SAFETEC offers a broad range of services on new projects as well as retrofits, modernization or up-gradation work, and these include:


We provide and we employ an NFPA certified Fire Protection Specialist and TÜV certified engineer who can offer Functional Safety Management Audits, HAZAN & HAZOP Studies, SIL Targeting and Assessment, System Safety Reliability / Availability Studies, Audit of Design procedures and techniques, Reliability studies for environmental impact and loss of production.


100% of all of our projects have internal engineering and project management using a very skilled team.


Safetec has the internal manpower to construct all the parts of the plant required for its solutions.


SAFETEC may perform training at SAFETEC facilities (Milan, Italy) or at installation site.A typical training course would cover

  • Basic System Techniques

  • Operation

  • Project based trainings for Operators

  • Project based trainings for Maintenance

  • Project based trainings during FAT & SAT

  • Hardware/Software Maintenance

  • System trainings for Operators & maintenance personnel


In addition to equipment selection, systems supply and warranty, with repair service, we can help with training, troubleshooting, service contracts and spare parts.

SAFETEC has a team of fully trained, experienced site service engineers and technicians who have expert knowledge of the systems we design and install.

Site assistance may cover

  • Supervisioning

  • Testing

  • Commissioning

  • Start up

  • Maintenance


SAFETEC as global EPCM recognized supplier with engineering and manufacturing team which design, build and configure safety systems (and control, if required) with extended services to SAT and site assistance. SAFETEC is an independent specialist with full scope 'cradle to grave' services, i.e.: engineer, procure, construct, configure, test and commission.
The specialized experience combines with the flexibility of a lean organization in a perfect match for adequately serving across the world on new turn key projects or revampings.
In case or revamping requirements, we undertake detailed field survey of existing system, advise customer of the revamping requirement, it's estimated cost and time of completion.
SAFETEC "product independent" approach allows to work with client nominated suppliers or to select the best solutions through world leader suppliers.

In addition to above services, Safetec can perform door fan test (integrity test) according to the  NFPA 2001 or EN 15004-1 with skilled and trained personnel using Retrotec equipments. 


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